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Solar LED Post Lights for Garden Outdoor Lighting

KSh 37,119
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Shipped from overseas, takes 15-25 workdays.
Nande Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
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Solar LED Solar Street Light with Lithium Bettary

Thanks for your interest in Nande solar street lights. As our valued customer, we take your inquiry very seriously.
For offering the most suitable solar lighting solutions, our engineer team will analyze your project case carefully
and present the specific proposal to you.

8 ~ 12 hours long working time per night; 
3 ~ 7 days rainy days large battery capacity; 
√ Lithium battery 2/3 lighter, much easier for installation; 

The whole system is solar energy powered, 12V/24V safety working voltage, it adopts Nande latest core technology MPPT intelligent control system, street light is composed of high-efficiency dim light charging solar cell module, latest technology lithium battery and high-power LED street light.




Solar panel: Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline

Solar panel power: 80Wp ~ 300Wp

Solar panel efficiency: 16.5% ~ 19.8% 

Lithium battery: lithium iron phosphate

Battery capacity: 12V60Ah ~ 12V150Ah 

LED power: 30W/ 42W/ 56W/ 64W/70W/ 80W/ 90W

LED chip brand: BridgeLux, Gree

Luminous efficacy: 120LM/W

Intelligent controller:12/24V 10/20Ah 

Control method: light-operated + timer + remote

Pole: Q235 steel, hot dip galcanized

Warranty: 3 years

Remark: The above typical configuration for reference only, please contact Nande sales engineer for solutions.
 Fact 1: Inferior lights = More maintenance and replacement costs = Most expensive lights.
Due to the geographic difference ( peak sunshine hours, weather factor and some special requirement )
across every specific applied location; 
Fact 2: So one size don't fit all
Please contact Nande sales engineers for your customzied solar lighting solutions.


Specific after-sales service commitment as follows:
Nande Solar promises all products released from our factory are brand new, in conformity with national quality
standards, with the manufacturers guarantee of quality certificate (or conformity certificate).
1. Packing specification, packing method for safety standard packing; 
2. Products installation training: including vedio demonstration and operation manual; 
3. Product warranty: 2 years ( start from next day the installation and debugging complete ).
4. Lifetime privilege: customers enjoy 15%-off for material and components replacement.
5. Lead time: 15- 30 working days for quantity less than 500 sets. 

KSh 37,119


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  • Stock : 2000PCS
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